Creativity is the currency of the future.

The Art of Creative Rebellion

A Survival Guide for the Creative Rebel

Coming January 2020

A career is doing something that you love with passion, without concern about monetary return. And the irony, of course, is that done with truthfulness and courage, most of the time your passions will bear monetary rewards.
— John S. Couch

“This is a rigorous call to take creatively honest action! It is about untethering ourselves from daily shrinkage in our creative labors. The Art of Creative Rebellion is a generous testament to the importance of creativity as a life practice and moral commitment. John S. Couch eloquently offers truth, wisdom and wit while conveying how your work can (and really must) override predetermined expectations and output measurements. John puts his extraordinary life, attained perspectives and creative leadership in service to being infinitely useful to others.”

Kristy Edmunds, Executive and Artistic Director, Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA

 “Creativity is personal. This account of creativity is personal and that is what makes it such a valuable read. If you aspire to be creative, or remain creative, then dive into this book and learn how personal choice and intense passion translate into excellence and achievement.”

Tim Brown, Chair of IDEO and Author of Change by Design

“This book has the power to re-energize, reaffirm and reboot; a resounding carpe diem to save the soul and bring creativity back into the future of design.”

Albert Shum, CVP of Design, Experiences & Devices Group, Microsoft