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Photo credit:  Grace Oh

Photo credit: Grace Oh

Rebelling Creatively with John S. Couch,
VP of Product Design at Hulu

John S. Couch is currently the Vice President, Product Design for Hulu where he recently led the successful 2017 redesign of the Hulu Experience (across mobile, living room and web). Now he is leading the design of the future of next generation storytelling in emerging platforms and formats (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, short form content and mixed reality).

His first job out of college was curating an art show in London of Beat writer William Burroughs’ “Shotgun Paintings” (as implied, shotguns and exploding cans of spray paint were involved) and then, in classic young starving artist mode, he ambulated to Paris, Vienna and Tokyo before finally settling in San Francisco. He launched his design career at Wired Magazine, where he shared an office with Douglas Coupland (“Generation X”) and developed a love for technology, design and tech and, as he is fluent in Japanese and could write copy, he helped launch Wired Japan. Then he moved to LA, taking leadership roles at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), CBS and eBay before landing at Hulu.

Couch lives in Southern California, in a secluded house in the dusky Santa Monica mountains surrounded by ancient oaks. He has a lovely and brilliant wife, JC, who serves as his muse and creative producer and an amazingly sweet teenage daughter, Audrey, who as of this writing, still allows her father the illusion that he’s kinda cool. In addition to his day job, Couch continues to write daily in the wee morning hours and paint every evening – his most recent painting of the deity “Zao Gongen” was commissioned by a Shugendo priest in Nara, Japan and, in August 2018, was installed into a refurbished 300-year-old ryokan in the heart of the Iga province of Japan, the birthplace of Ninjutsu (which delighted the otaku-nerd in Couch to no end).