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Vice President, User Experience Direct all strategy, vision, and deployment of user experiences on all Hulu platforms: living room devices, mobile devices, the web as well as emerging platforms such as virtual reality, augmented reality and short form content.

Directed and oversaw the design and deployment of the New Hulu Experience (codenamed: Bowie) that was deployed in May 2017. Initially this was a program to integrate live TV into the company’s OTT ecosystem, but the project expanded to transform the UX and IA across all Hulu platforms. This design was the first major update to the Hulu product since it launched in March 2007.

Designed a holistic approach to design across product, marketing and brand. Due to its effective design, the New Hulu Experience design became the new branding platform and marketing positioning for the company.

Created a powerful design culture within Hulu. Hired over 40 top notch product and visual designers and built a dynamic, creative culture within the first nine months of starting at the company.

Worked with both internal and external creative and design entities. Set the vision and directed two major agencies, HUGE and IDEO, while building the New Hulu Experience. This required simultaneously hiring for the existing product, while building culture, while coordinating and directing two agencies on the New Hulu Experience design.

Delivered on key KPI’s for the company’s bottom line. After launching the New Hulu Experience, the company increased its subscription base from 12 million subscribers to 25 million as of December 2019. Additionally, subscriber churn is at its lowest number in Hulu’s history.